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1 thought on “Policy on Making Comments

  1. Hello, Jill. I have written about healing our son from schizophrenia with an innovative music therapy. In 2008, I undertook the research to discover how that could happen and emerged with a neurological paradigm that explains not only Daniel’s healing but human behavior more generally: the sound energy stream through the right ear normally ensures the dominance of the left-brain in the integrative processes of the cerebral hemispheres. Weakness in the stapedius muscle in the middle ear compromises the transmission of the higher frequencies of sound to the inner ear, reducing the primary stream of energy to the opposite temporal lobe. I would like to send you the summary of my discoveries, Awakening Normal. I have helped other schizophrenics and people with lesser forms of audio processing deficits to heal their conditions and have several schizophrenics using Focused Listening with promising results although it is early days for most of them and two are heavily medicated, which slows recovery. If you email me I will send you a gratis download. Your research is strongly supportive of my findings and I am delighted to have encountered your writing at Mad in America, which brought me here. Thank you for all you do!


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